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End the school year with an author visit! It's a great reminder on making reading a fun and important part of summer break!



I'm beyond thankful for your continued support and for taking a moment to visit my author page today.

A little about me; I'm a mom first and foremost! My kid's keep me young and hip...that's still the saying, right? I am also a wife, an author who is constantly writing and creating new adventures, and an author coach/publisher. Busy is an understatement, but I love every bit! 


With five book babies out in the world, I'm so excited to focus more energy on building my publishing company, Books & Things Publishing. We aim to uplift the underrepresented in the book world. If you or someone you know is interested in starting their author journey, please consider working with our team!


Don't forget, I also host an author interview show called Pages & Pours. Authors will join me with their favorite drink of choice while we discuss their favorite pages in their books, and the pages that didn't make the final cut. See you at the next episode! 


Thanks for joining!

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CONGRATULATIONS The Holly-day After!

In July 2021, The Holly-day After received a Five Star rating from Reader's Favorite!

Truth Tales:
The Air Fair-He

It was a normal day at school when he lost his tooth. He knew it meant cash, but it also meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Or did it? Wasn't he too old to believe in fairies? With all these questions spinning around in his head, he needed answers and this night was his chance to find out the truth. He just had to catch her first. And when his trap actually worked, Gabe quickly realized things weren't always what they seemed. Fly through the night with Gabe and The Air Fair-He as they unveil the "dazzling" truth about what happens after you lose a tooth.

Mr. Maloof

Every kid is a bit goofy, and Mr. Maloof was no different. Until he grew up and became quite a grump. Then one day a little blue hair appeared right on the top of his head. With his new blue hair and the help of some neighborhood kids, Mr. Maloof is reminded the importance of staying young at heart.

Bubble Sea

This story is untold,

but no doubt it's the best. 

A pirate and his first mate,

on a grand noble quest.

What battles loom ahead,

you'll just have to see.

For every child should take a dip

in their own Bubble Sea!


Have you ever wondered what happens after Santa delivers the last gift? Join Santa, and his family, as they celebrate their traditions in the North Pole the day after Christmas.


 Available everywhere books are sold. Email for any bulk order requests!



Danielle is originally from Seattle but has been living in the DC metro area for the last 17 years. While studying at Howard University she met her husband. And although Danielle has always enjoyed writing, she did not take it seriously until she spent hours on end reading to their three children. She writes for them.

Danielle is an award winning author of diverse children’s and middle grade books. She is aiming to create more joy and imaginative books with Black characters front and center. As a DE&I certified author, Danielle enjoys speaking to the youth about inclusive books and how reading can open many doors and teach us all about the world beyond our neighborhood!


Notebook and Pen
Image by Element5 Digital
Image by Clay Banks


30 Minute Authors Consults $75

Book Launch/Re-launch Packages

$425 - $1075

Click the link below to schedule your call today!


Reading is FUNdamental! Let's set up a time for Danielle to come meet your school or class virtually, or in person. This will be an interactive discussion about practice, hard work and the similarities of publishing a book and students turning in a final draft to their teacher. 

Select the Book Online tab at the top of the site to schedule or email Danielle by clicking the contact button below with any questions. 

Author Mentorship Program

If you are ready to write that book but still not sure on the process, I'd love to help!

In this mentorship program, I'll walk you through the writing and editing process. I'll help you navigate finding the right illustrator and/or cover designer. We will also discuss the different publishing platforms and how to get your book from your computer, to printed and in your hands! 

Contact me today and lets get you published!


Danielle is also certified in Diversity and Inclusion and committed to making sure all children are represented in books. If you are looking for a speaker to discuss diversity in children's literature, Danielle would love to visit.

Select the Book Online tab at the top of the site to schedule a visit for your class or school. 


The One Tree Planted partnership was originally meant for the month of November. With every copy of The Holly-day After purchased, a tree will be planted. Because I think this is such a great opportunity, let’s keep it going! You can buy any books listed on my website or Shopify page and add trees to your order for $1 each!

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The journey of self publishing has been nothing but a roller coaster. This ride has taught me how to research and move forward while making the best decisions with the information I have gathered. In doing so, I have created Books & Things Publishing, LLC in hopes to share that knowledge with you.

If you are an author searching for your voice, guidance, or a home for your manuscript, visit Books & Things Publishing website today.

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